Celebrate Lunar New Year! (and what to eat)

In China, Lunar New Year is the most important holiday, lasting for 15 days. From New Year’s Day to 15th of the first month (Chu Yi to Shi Wu). During the 15 festival days, people have a lot of delicious food.

Dumplings: dumplings represent wealth and good fortune because they are shaped like gold and silver used as ancient Chinese currency. Dumplings are especially important to people from Northern China. In Sichuan, there is a special variety of dumpling, which is immersed in red chili oil with a little crushed garlic and soy sauce.


Fish: The Chinese character for fish has identical pronunciation as the character of abundance (both are yu).   There must be fish on the table to symbolize wealth and good fortune. The famous Sichuan braise fish with bean paste is very unique as the ingredients have to come from places in Sichuan to guarantee the authentic flavor.


Sausage: as everywhere else in the world, sausage has been an important way to preserve meat before refrigerator invented. Sausages are usually made a couple of month before New Year. A lot of people associate the taste of sausage with flavor of New Year. It is also a perfect gift for family and friends. Look at the picture, one family in Sichuan made so much sausage it blankets their balcony completely!